Brown Rice Onigiri
Brown Rice Onigiri

Deliciously good and full with nutrition, onigiri is a great snack on the go that perfectly fit a busy person lifestyle. However, most of us thought making onigiri is impossible due to the reason that we believe it only can be done with special rice.

Afraid no my friend, you can use any rice, just make sure you add extra water on it, so it will be extra soft, and easy for you to shape your onigiri. Here is the recipe, we are using the brown rice from our sister company. Well, it just for the sake of looking posh and extra healthy.
Prep Time: 10  minute
Cooking Time: 40 minute
1.    2 cups brown rice
2.    1 tsp. of lemon and honey mix
3.    1 tsp. rice vinegar (for Muslim user, you can find halal rice vinegar)
4.    A big pinch of salt
5.    2 tbsp.  sesame seeds fried without oil
6.    Seaweed sheets (If it too big, cut it as per the size that you require
7.    Filling as per your heart desire (We are using canned spicy tuna mayonnaise)
Cooking Directions
1.    Cook brown rice in a rice cooker.  Make sure you add ½ half cup extra water from the recommended so that you will get softer, easy to shape the rice.
2.    Mix up ingredients 2, 3, and 4, and then toss it into the hot cooked rice. Stir it up so your rice will have evenly taste.
3.    Throw in the sesame seed, and mix it all again.
4.    Once the rice is cold enough, you can start shaping your onigiri. Make sure that you did not forget the filling. Yet, plain Onigiri still taste crazy good!
5.    Wrap your onigiri with seaweed sheet.
6.    Now you can enjoy it with your family.
P/s:  You can store these in the refrigerator for a very long time, just keep them covered to keep them from drying out.

Published : 5-Sep-2019

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