About Us

Mahsuri rice is easily identified as the product of Perusahaan Makanan Mahsuri Sdn Bhd. Since 1984, Perusahaan Makanan Mahsuri Sdn Bhd operates as a rice wholesaler focusing on rice business. By realizing the market needs, our Company has reposition ourselves through merging and acquisition with one of the famous rice wholesalers right in the heart of the “Rice Bowl” of Malaysia wherein lie the fertile regions of the State of Kedah.

After the acquisition in year 2012, the company has known as PM Mahsuri Sdn. Bhd. Nowadays, Mahsuri is one of the well-known rice brand in Malaysia. PM Mahsuri is now located at Selangor, the centre of the important quality rice yielding country, Malaysia.

Ours 30,000 square feet warehouse will able us to provide storage for sufficient rice and other products. We also have strong logistic department with six lorry of varies size to cater our deliver with different requirement.

PM Mahsuri’s business covers an extensive scale of activities ranging from processing, packaging to producing for varieties of rice product with various of renowned household name such as Mahsuri, Wang-mi, Siam Wangi, Mahsuri Putih and etc.

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